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A chance to REHABILITATE your financial status for the better is just a step away. Do not procrastinate; your time for relief has come. Take action TODAY and protect your TOMORROW.


Mzansi Debt Clinic is your life line!

We will:

  • Give you financial freedom
  • Negotiate with creditors
  • Reduce your monthly instalments
  • Eliminate the calls you receive from creditors
  • Allow you to save and budget


Are you over-indebted?

On the 1 st of June 2007 the South African Government implemented the National Credit Act 34 of 2005 to promote and advance the social and economic welfare of South Africans, promote a fair, transparent, competitive, sustainable, responsible, efficient, effective and accessible credit market and industry and
to protect consumers.


Our Services

Debt Counselling

Financial Experts

We at Mzansi Debt Clinic negotiate with your credit providers for lower affordable installments as well as lower interest rates based on your affordability. Take away the burden of having to deal with your credit providers.

Debt Statistics

Financial Experts

18 million credit active consumers (8.63 million consumers in South Africa have an impaired credit record an increase of 20 000 from the previous quarter) . 130000 + applications for debt review & the number increase

Our Objective

Financial Experts

Our main objective is to educate consumers to understand the importance of self responsibility and keeping their financial credibility. We pursue to protect and create positive attitudes within consumers towards their financial obligations.

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