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What should you do to achieve ...

What should you do to achieve the above?

  • Do not impulse buy
  • Cut down on eating out and entertainment
  • Do not incur new debt
  • Ensure that you have medical protection
  • Do not use credit cards that are in debit balance
  • Obligate yourself only to a house payment that you can afford
  • Never sign a surety (guarantor) on someone else’s loan unless you are willing to pay if the borrower does not pay
  • Review all insurance coverage to check whether you are sufficiently insured, but at the same time not paying too much
  • Check that your bank charges are not excessive
  • Shop around for the best interest rates on savings accounts
  • Find ways to increase your income
  • Sell items that you do not use
  • Only borrow for good debt
  • Put together a financial plan that you can live with and review it monthly