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Debt Trap

Debt Statistics in South Africa currently stand as below, and are on a daily incline:   There are 24.31 million credit-active consumers, the percentage of consumers in bad standing is now 40.15% (9.76 million), 2 out of every 5 credit-active consumers. This is 8 million more than the total n...

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Why should you budget?

A budget will bring:

  • Order
  • New priorities into your life
  • Less stress about paying bills, that becomes a positive routine experience
  • Focus on how you increase your income
  • Ways to control your spending so that you will always have money...

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1. What is Debt Review/Debt Counselling?   This is a process where a registered and qualified debt counsellor assesses a clients credit status with the credit providers, should the client be confirmed as over-indebted, a restructured debt repayment plan is implemented, th...

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Successful formula for Budgeting

Start your budget by paying yourself 10% of your net income before you pay anyone else and put this money away every month. You pay everybody else, but forget to pay yourself. This is the mistake most people make. If you are unable to pay yourself because of too much debt, start saving a small amoun...

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What should you do to achieve the above?

  • Do not impulse buy
  • Cut down on eating out and entertainment
  • Do not incur new debt
  • Ensure that you have medical protection
  • Do not use credit cards that are in debit balance
  • Obligate yourself only to a house payment th...

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